Towny is a plugin for a Bukkit modded Minecraft server. The plugin itself is a manager for a Resident-Town-Nation hierarchy, as well as a block permission manager for a grid-like protection system. Each town has a mayor, while a nation has a king. They both have their own assistants to help run their respective people. Players can also purchase land from the town, for a daily tax set by the mayor. The player can allow his friends from out of town to build on his land when even his very own town's people can't build if he so wishes.

Commands ResidentEdit


/resident ?

/resident [resident]

/resident list

/resident set [] .. []

/resident friend [add/remove] [resident] .. resident]
/resident friend [add+/remove+] [resident] .. [resident]

/resident friend clearlist

/resident delete [resident]

/resident set perm [on/off] 

/resident set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [on/off]

/resident set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [build/destroy] [on/off]

/resident set mode [mode] .. [mode] 

/town spawn 

/town leave

/town ?

reset : Reset modes to default.

map : Show the map as you move between town blocks.

townclaim : Claim as you walk.

townunclaim : Unclaim as you walk.

tc : Talking to your town won't require you to prefix "/tc".

nc : Talking to your nation won't require you to prefix "/nc".

waratk : Show logging of hp of the places your town is attacking.

wardef : Show logging of hp of the places your town is under attack.

Commands MayorEdit


/town ?

/town list

/town leave

/town here 

/town spawn

/town claim 

/town claim outpost

/town claim auto

/town claim rect [radius]

/town claim rect auto

/town unclaim

/town unclaim all
/town unclaim rect [radius]

/town withdraw [$]

/town deposit [$]

/town new [town]

/town new [town] [mayor]

/town delete [town]

/town [add/kick] [resident] .. [resident]
/town [add+/kick+] [resident] .. [resident]

/town wall 

/town assistant [add/remove] [resident] .. [resident]
/town assistant [add+/remove+] [resident] .. [resident]

/town set board [message ... ]

/town set mayor [mayor]

/town set homeblock

/town set spawn

/town set perm [on/off] 

/town set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [on/off]

/town set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [build/destroy] [on/off]

/town set pvp [on/off]

/town set taxes [$]

/town set plottax [$]

/town set plotprice [$]

/town set name [name]

/plot claim

/plot unclaim

/plot forsale

/plot notforsale